Volkswagen’s New Vehicle Arteon


It turned out that Volkswagen’s decision to finish the CC and a new model will take over the CC. Volkswagen has already begun testing the new Arteon model. Decisions have changed for the new Arteon, which was not planned for the European market in the first place.Volkswagen’s diesel scandal-influenced flagship Phaeton has lost weight in Europe and Volkswagen will fill this gap with the new Arteon model. This strategy of Volkswagen indicates that both CC and Phaeton have come to an end.

Volkswagen’s new 4-door sporty sedan was caught with spy camera with Arteon camouflage. It is difficult to predict the lines of the new Vw Arteon, which are displayed as intense camouflage. We are guessing that the car is not much different from the automobile in the promotion month, but the hood that goes up to the headlights is not that long.

The new Volkswagen Arteon, expected to be introduced in 2020, is longer and wider than the Passat. The V6 petrol engine is a definite option for the new Volkswagen Arteon, which is almost certain to have 2 liters of gasoline and 2 liter diesel units in its engine range. The V6 petrol unit, which will be offered with a dual electric motor, will deliver 380 hp in total.